Why Social Media Marketing?

We Focus On Social Media Marketing!

Social Media marketing is now a favored tool of many marketers to complement and supplement traditional marketing services. From the perspective of web design and development, there is natural synergy between designing a website for business goals and the integration of social media as part of an overall marketing plan.

Social media has certainly changed and improved how small to mid-size businesses can carve out space and connect in an extremely crowded marketplace. When companies participate on the social web in a meaningful way, it helps create a personal connection between customers and the brand. One of the greatest benefits specifically for small businesses is that access to potential customers has increased tremendously.

Rather than strictly focusing on paid advertising, word-of-mouth referrals, and in-store promotions, businesses can now directly find customers that may be interested in their products based on profiles, active discussions, keywords or expressed interests. This is especially key in the early stages of a business life-cycle when cash is at a premium.

Social Media & Why You Need It

Social Media & Why you Need It

Social Media Marketing is Not Easy, So Why Bother with It?

Because when you execute your social media strategy well, you engage and connect with your customers friends … and then things can go ballistic. Serious increases in both online and offline sales and business leads have been achieved by both small and large companies alike. If the internet was a great way to level the playing field, then social media is the next great leveler.

Why Us, Well ….

The survey above found that social media marketing is most beneficial targeting customers in the all important 20 to 40 year old range. These are consumers with the most disposable income. Furthermore, there is a direct link to the Marketers age and the time spent marketing with social media. It’s better that your marketer is in their 20’s as opposed to their 50’s!

Social Media is Important for Business

From the 2015 Social Media Marketing Report 92% of Marketers say that Social Media is important for their business and this is reflected by what business owners say about social media marketing with:

  • 58% Strongly Agreeing
  • 34% Agreeing
  • 7% Uncertain, and only
  • 2% Disagreeing or Strongly Disagreeing




A significant 64% of marketers are using social media for a minimum of 6 hours a week while 41% are using it for more than 11 hours per week.

There is no doubt on the importance of social media and how vital it is to your business and your bottom line. So let the experts like CPM take responsibility of this and your marketing for you.

This will free up your precious time because for most small to medium size enterprizes, owners don’t have time? They are too busy concentrating on the day to day running of their operations.