I was referred to CPM by one of our suppliers who had seen them do good things with their other customers. We had always wanted our brand to become known so that we could expand in the future and to get a steady base.

Claire and the CPM team worked closely with us and the results are far above what we expected. They have helped us create a cult following for XS Espresso, a strong recognizable brand, a loyal repeat customer base and they put us on the map with bloggers and the media.

CPM has shown a true dedication to helping us grow and succeed. They’ve always been fast to respond, helpful and insightful. Before engaging them I understood how important this type of marketing was but didn’t expect how effective the results would have been. I have no hesitation to recommend Claire and the CPM team if you want to see real results.


We engaged CPM to do our initial venue in Mosman and what they achieved for us has been great. There have been many choices on where to put our marketing budget and we are really happy that we went with CPM rather than any other way.

For the amount that we would normally have spent with a small ad in mainstream media, we had a dedicated and professional marketing team, with personal attention from the owner Claire putting all the right systems in place to put us on the map. Now in hindsight we realize how important all the processes were. When we started didn’t know how important this type of marketing was but know realize how vital it is for our business.

Now we have just opened our second venue, we are getting Claire and CPM team involved form the word go!


We have been around for a long time , in a prime location and felt that we needed to bring the establishment up to date and to get more exposure to new clientele.

We knew that things had to be done but didn’t know where to start.

Once Claire and CPM came along we were able to get a proper strategy together , online and offline and really execute all the ideas that were needed to get the business to where we wanted. CPM now is a continuing and invaluable part of our operation and I don’t know how we could have achieved this without their help.