One of our most recent client successes  was a small unknown cafe in Rozelle, The Galley that we started with in Nov of 2018. When CPM started with the cafe, they already had established some customer base with the immediate locals but revenue was erratic, unpredictable and it was in an area that was quite unknown and hard to find. What it did have was a great outlook and a team that was willing to make things work.
With CPM’s help there was an immediate impact. Using a variety of techniques including social media marketing, influencer marketing and effective Facebook and IG ads we lifted sales by 42% within the first month and maintained a steady revenue base where it had been unpredictable  before.
The marketing techniques continued, we kicked in with effective PR, menu tweaks and kept building on the earlier successes. By the end of the third month we had lifted revenue to a 120% increase before we started and are in the process of cementing this as the new base.
There are now plans and strategies in place to continue the growth.
For this happy client his marketing spend paid for itself many times over!