Five loves Two Fish was a brand new café that opened in Neutral Bay that had a nice clean look, good dishes and owners that were passionate about their food and coffee.
It was opening in an area that already had a lot of cafés, restaurants and other competitors so they new they had to make sure everything went right to make inroads in the area and to get well established.
At the first meeting there was an ambitious KPI where the owners wanted to get to an extra $3K worth of revenue per week by the end of the initial 3 month period.
CPM went about its establishment of good social media presence, influencer marketing, PR using great content, copywriting and working with the owners to build up the clientele and establishing the business.
There was a good turnout from influencers and features by publications such as Mosman daily, Weekend Notes and Eat Drink play. We helped them establish a strong Instagram following and built up a strong and loyal foodie fanbase. Their dishes and food started to feature heavily and regularly on food fans social media feeds as well as being backed in the publications as a must try cafe.
When we recently sat down for the 3 month review not only had we met the original KPI of an extra $ 3,000 revenue per week but we had actually hit around an $ 5,000 extra revenue per week which equated to  around a 1000% return on the marketing spend ! This was another great example of effective marketing working hand in hand with passionate owners that have a great product.
If you are interested in how this might be possible for you just contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about how this happened and how we may be able to help your cafe or restaurant too.

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